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Chain Link Fence

chain_link_fence_installation_melbourne_flChainlink fencing is one of the most popular forms utilized in today's industrial, commercial and residential fence markets. It's resistant galvanized chain fabric prevents rust and corrosion, thus giving it the propensity to be the most durable and cost-effective of all the various materials used for your fencing needs. With its sustainability and wide-variety of available colors, chainlink fencing is both attractive and cost-effective.

Maybe you don’t have time to paint and stain your fencing, or maybe you don’t want to block the view of your yard. When installed correctly, a chainlink fence can be professionally installed so that you have most of the advantages of conventional wood fencing, with several distinct advantages...

 Low cost - Hiring a chainlink fencing Contractor to install your next fence project is a great low-cost alternative to wood or vinyl fencing. Whether you are looking to hire a chainlink fencing installation service for your home or looking to cover acres of land, the economical price point of chainlink fencing makes it an excellent candidate. If you’re up to the challenge of installing it yourself, prepare to save even more.

Durability - The professional and highly experienced chainlink fencing contractors of Professional Grade Fence Inc. install chain link fencing that is both beautiful, and made to last! The wire mesh cloth that gives chain link fencing its signature look is galvanized with a corrosion-resistant zinc coating for superior protection against rain, snow or frost. In case of breaks in the mesh, a chemical treatment process called cathodic protection allows the individual wires to self-heal to prevent rust from forming.

Low maintenance - Unlike wood fencing that requires regular maintenance to keep looking sharp, chainlink fencing doesn't require any additional care and will last for years. If you choose chain link fencing, you won’t need stain, paint or sealer — just soapy water, a brush and a hose!

Security - A major benefit of chainlink fencing, is the ability to see the other side. You can rest easy knowing your home is protected from intruders, and wild animals.



chain-link-fence_contractor_melbourne_flWhen planning your chainlink fence, consider what its purpose will be. Not all chainlink fences are the same, and there are several slight variations that are better suited for different purposes. First is the type of gauge. Chainlink fencing wire comes in a variety of thicknesses, from the thinnest available (11 gauge), medium thickness (10 gauge), to heavy-duty (9 gauge). The diameter of the wire mesh is another aspect to keep in mind, as fencing that is built primarily for security may need a heavier, tighter wire than one for establishing a play area.

Vinyl coating - Looking for extra protection against weathering?... Choose vinyl-coated wire mesh for stronger resistance against the unpredictable outdoors. Vinyl-coated chain link fencing comes in a variety of colors and are especially resilient to tampering. When choosing vinyl-coated fencing, make sure the posts and top rail are reinforced. Without stronger supports, the extra weight of the vinyl coating can lead to sagging over the years. While many of us typically consider wood, vinyl, or aluminum fencing as ideal for residential properties; chain link fencing offers unique properties that make them a viable choice for many property owners.



Chainlink fencing companies are a low-cost alternative to wood or vinyl fencing. The economical price of this material makes it ideal for fencing large areas. Once your chain link fence is properly installed, there is no upkeep needed to keep it looking good for many years. Hose it off or use soap and water to make it look clean and shiny. You never need to stain or paint your chainlink fence.

Your chainlink fence is made of galvanized steel that can be coated to prevent corrosion or weakening due to exposure to sun, rain, or snow. Should damage occur to your chain link fence, those areas can be repaired so that the entire fencing doesn't need replacing.

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